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Bidens Pirates

Bidens 'Pirates' Series

  • A compact range of large flowered yellow and semi doubles
  • ‘Pearl' and 'Dawn Star' are taller selections
  • Heat tolerant plants with a good spreading habit
  • Height: compact plants 20cm/8in; taller plants 50cm/20in
European Licensees
‘Bootie’ Gruppo Padana | Plantinova
‘Dawn Star’ Cohen | Plantinova
‘Medallion’ Ball Colegrave | Plantinova
‘Pearl’ Cohen | Florensis | Plantinova
‘Treasure’ Ball Colegrave | Channel Island Plants | Florensis | Plantinova
North America Licensee: PlantHaven
PlantHaven Marketing Names:
‘Dawn Star’ Cupcake Strawberry
‘Pearl’ Cupcake Coconut


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Bidens 'Pirates Bootie'
Compact plants with double yellow flowers. ..
Bidens 'Pirates Gold'
Compact plants with single yellow flowers. ..
Bidens 'Pirates Goldmine'
Compact plants with semi double flowers. ..
Bidens 'Pirates Medallion'
Compact plants with large single yellow flowers. ..
Bidens 'Pirates Pearl'
Spreading habit with white flowers. ..
Bidens 'Pirates Talisman'
Compact plants with large single yellow flowers. ..
Bidens 'Pirates Treasure'
Compact plants with semi double yellow flowers. ..
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