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Agastache aurantiaca 'Apricot Sprite'
Creates a stunning effect with spikes of apricot flowers covering dwarf compact plants, over several months from June to frost. The foliage has a very delicate sweet fragrance. ..
Agrostemma githago 'Ocean Pearl' ™
Tall elegant plants with pure white flowers speckled with black. Ideal cut flower. ..
Alcea rosea 'Halo Mixed' ™
A sriking blend of all of the 'Halo' colours. ..
Alcea rosea 'Halo Red' ™
New Colour in this striking new series of Bicolour Hollyhocks. ..
Anagallis monellii 'Blue Lights' ™
Electric blue flowers on a compact spreading habit, good for baskets. Very long flowering season. RHS Award of Garden Merit. ..
Antirrhinum nanum 'Bronze Dragon' ™
Unique deep purple foliage with good rust resistance. Spreading habit ideal for bedding, baskets and containers...
Antirrhinum nanum 'Frosted Flames' ™
Gorgeous combination of unusual variegated foliage complimented by flowers in a bright range of colours...
Aquilegia x caerulea 'Sunshine' ™
Fully double pastel yellow flowers on sturdy flower spikes...
Bidens humilis 'Golden Eye' ™
Basket plant with fern like foliage and bright yellow flowers...
Bidens humilis 'Golden Nuggets'
A double flowered Bidens from seed with a collarette flower. Masses of strong yellow flowers produced above attractive foliage. Heat tolerant plants are ideal for baskets and containers. ..
Callistephus chinensis 'Red Ribbon' ™
A compact bedding Aster with red and white cushion shaped bicolor flowers...
Campanula lactiflora 'Dwarf Pink' ™
A first year flowering Campanula, with a dwarf habit and attractive soft pink flowers...
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum 'Silver Spoons' ™
Mound shaped habit with pure white petalled flowers with golden yellow centres centres. Better suited to larger size pot production...
Delphinium ajacis 'Splish Splash' ™
A unique striped flower with a mixture of rose and pink striped white flowers. Ideal for borders. Fleuroselect Novelty Award...
Eschscholzia californica 'Cream Swirl' ™
An excellent selection of double cream flowers, brightening up borders. Fleuroselect Novelty Award Winner...
Geum flore plena 'Blazing Sunset'  ™
Earlier and more prolific flowering than any other variety with good plant vigour throughout the whole production process. ..
Ipomoea purpurea 'Split Personality' ™
A strong climber with uniquely shaped magenta-pink flowers...
Lathyrus odoratus 'Ballerina Blue' ™
An outstanding colour with wonderful soft blue flowers and winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit. ..
Laurentia 'Avant-garde Blue' ™ F1
Highest scoring Gold Medal variety in the FS 2005 trials. Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner 2007. Early to flower, 3 weeks earlier than Blue Stars. Long flowering season, and if cut back will quickly re-bloom. Excellent in pots and containers as well as bedding schemes. Sow as late as April for flowers mid to late summer. Final garden height: 25-30cm (10-12 inches) and spread: 30-35cm (12-14 inches). ..
Laurentia 'Avant-garde Pink' ™ F1
Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner 2007.Early to flower, 5 weeks earlier than Pink Stars. Long flowering season, and if cut back will quickly re-bloom. Excellent in pots and containers as well as bedding schemes.Sow as late as April for flowers mid to late summer.Final garden height: 25-30cm (10-12 inches) and spread: 30-35cm (12-14 inches)...
Laurentia 'Avant-garde Violet' ™ F1
New colour with all the benefits of the existing Avant-Garde series...
Laurentia hybrida 'Megastar Pink'
The largest flowering Laurentia available, with extra broad petals. Perfect for a striking patio container. Fleuroselect Novelty Award. ..
Malva moschata 'Snow White' ™
A very compact plant with a long flowering period and masses of white flowers. Fleuroselect Quality Award...
Papaver rhoeas 'Angels Choir'  ™
Mixture of delicate double flowers in an extensive colour range from white through to scarlet and blue...
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