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Anoda dilleniana 'Candy Cups' ™

Anoda dilleniana 'Candy Cups' ™
Anoda dilleniana 'Candy Cups' ™
Short code: 4267
Height: 120cm/48"

Attractive candy-pink cup shaped flowers. Bushy habit with masses of flowers all summer. Ideal garden border plant.

Common name: Anoda
Sowing/Growing information
Sowing Sow onto a moist seed-sowing compost in a 286 cell plug tray or larger cell if preferred. Cover lightly with vermiculite to the depth of the seed and propagate at 18-20C. Germination should take place after approximately 7-14 days.
Growing Grow on the seedlings in a lightly shaded area until they are established and fill the tray. Pot on in late August - September in to 1 litre pots or put 3 plugs in to 2 or 3 litre pots. Over winter in a well ventilated unheated glasshouse or tunnel for sales the following March / April or for flowering plants ready to sell in early May to June.
Flowering Period June to frost
Hardiness Hardy Perennial
Cropping -
Product Seeds
Genus Anoda
Variety Candy Cups
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