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Dianthus chinensis 'Fringed Fancies' ™

Dianthus chinensis 'Fringed Fancies' ™
Dianthus chinensis 'Fringed Fancies' ™
Short code: 4352
Height: 40cm/16"
Description: Beautiful mix of unusual fringed flowers. Plants are covered in large flowers of white, pink, rose and red shades. Favourite English cottage garden flower. Ideal bedding plant. Common name: Pinks
Sowing/Growing information
Sowing Sow on to the surface of a moist seed-sowing compost in a 126 to 576 cell plug tray. Do not cover the seed and propagate at 20C (68F). Germination should take place after 7-14 days.
Growing When the seedlings are established cool them down slightly to 10C and transfer on to a 6 Pack or 9cm pot for final sale. January sowings should result in saleable plants in late April.
Flowering Period July to September
Hardiness Hardy Annual
Cropping 10-Jul
Product Seeds
Genus Dianthus
Variety Fringed Fancies
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