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Alcea rosea 'Halo Peach'

Alcea rosea 'Halo Peach'
Alcea rosea 'Halo Peach'
Short code: 50508
Height: 200cm/6.5'

New Colour in this striking new series of Bicolour Hollyhocks.

Common name: Hollyhock
Sowing/Growing information
Sowing Sow onto a moist seed-sowing compost in a 576 to 150 cell plug tray or larger cell if preferred. Cover lightly with vermiculite to the depth of the seed and propagate at 18-20C (65-68F). Germination should take place after approximately 10-14 days depending on the variety.
Growing Grow on at 15C (60F) reducing to 10C (50F) as the seedlings develop and fill the tray. When the plug plants are established - generally 6-8 weeks from sowing - pot on into 1 litre pots for sales in April-early May or pot 3 plugs into a 2 or 3 litre pot for later sales in flower in late June.
Flowering Period June-Sept
Hardiness Hardy Perennial
Zone us 3-9
Product Seeds
Genus Alcea
Variety Halo Peach
First Year Flowering Perennial YES
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