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Tropaeolum minus 'Phoenix'
Unique flower shape with split petals and ivy leafed foliage. Good spreading habit. ..
Zinnia elegans 'Art Deco' ™
A contrasting mix of royal purple, light pink and lavender, great for cutting...
Zinnia elegans 'Candy Mix' ™
Excellent quality stock of scabious flowers, in a wide range of colours including bright orange and cerise pink...
Zinnia elegans 'Citrus Cocktail' ™
A bright zesty blend of white, yellow and orange fully double flowers...
Zinnia elegans 'Edwardian' ™
Highly floriferous with 5cm flowers. Has a very long flowering period and is great as a cut flower...
Zinnia elegans 'Inca' ™
Large and fully-double, bright-orange cactus flowers...
Zinnia elegans 'Pinca' ™
Large and fully double bright pink cactus flowers...
Zinnia elegans 'Senora' ™
Very large double salmon pink flowers, an unusual colour for zinnia. Great for cutting and free flowering...
Zinnia elegans 'Tudor' ™
These large 8cm bright purple double flowers are heat tolerant and great for cutting ..
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