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Verbena hybrida 'St. George' ™

Verbena hybrida 'St. George' ™
Verbena hybrida 'St. George' ™
Short code: 4532
Height: 25cm/10"
Description: Stunning scarlet flowers with contrasting white eye with a mounding and spreading plant habit. Ideal in pots, containers and garden borders. Deep green foliage that is mildew resistant.
Final garden height: 30cm (12 inches). Common name: Verbena
Sowing/Growing information
Sowing Sow the seed onto a moist seed sowing compost in a 286 plug tray or slightly larger unit and cover lightly with vermiculite. Do not water the covering as Verbena seed doesn't germinate as well if it is kept too wet. Germinate in the dark for best results and keep at a temperature 18-20C. As the seedlings emerge maintain a temperature of 20C.
Growing Continue to grow the seedlings on at 15C until they are established and fill the tray. Transfer to a 12 pack, 6 pack or 9cm pot and continue to grow on at 10 to 15C. Early February sowings will result in flowering plants for sale in late April / May. Later sowings made in April can be potted on into 1 litre pots for sales of more established flowering plants in late June.
Flowering Period July to September
Hardiness Half Hardy Annual
Cropping 10-Jul
Product Seeds
Genus Verbena
Variety St George
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